The multilayer technology is introduced to meet the requirements of increasingly demanding markets that are constantly looking for innovative solutions that let have better results at moderate costs. Mebra Plastik runs as an ideal partner for research and innovation introducing a new range of multi-layer tubing for pneumatics. The advantages associated with this type of technology can be identified not only in the opportunity to combine multiple materials to create multi-functional structures that benefit from the advantages of the individual components, but also in the possibility of reducing costs by combining the finest materials with more economical products, allowing, thus, significant decreases in costs and ensuring extra value to the offer proposal.


Polyamide 12 of chemical origin, made of two layers of antistatic (Electrical resistance over length: <104 Ω/cm - Electrical resistivity: <103 Ω*cm) Polyamide 12 HIPHL and one middle layer of PA 12 PHL with improved barrier properties. Thanks to its capacity to eliminate electrostatic charges, we manufacture a range of black flexible hoses suitable for use in potentially explosive environments, with fuel pumps and in the hosiery industry in contact with synthetic yarns.


Triple layer hose with two layers of high quality Polyamide 12 PHL and one middle layer of special ether-based Polyurethane modified to chemically bond without the use of additional adhesives. This product is suitable for compressed air, vacuum, vibrators, moving mechanical parts, manipulators, pneumatic tools and robots.